Our Owner and Executive Chef, Zach Stokes, brings more than 17 years of professional culinary expertise to The Links, where his diverse menu offerings highlight his affection for the craft, as well as his passion for visually inspiring artistic presentation. Zach is dedicated to running his kitchen with a refreshingly uplifting style that is warm, vibrant, and inviting – while maintaining a high bar of excellence focused solely on the customer.

“I love seeing the look of satisfaction on my guests’ faces after they enjoy a good meal that I prepared for them. That is what makes it all worthwhile.”

-Zach Stokes

Deep Roots & The Comfort of Home

Fortunate to have roots in the land itself, Zach’s intimate connection with food as a source of inspiration runs deep. His entire life has been focused on satisfying not just the body, but also the soul. From carefully preparing classic homestyle comfort foods to crafting the finest upscale international cuisine and everything in between, his skill level is unparalleled – yet unpretentious. He is focused on providing a comprehensive hospitality experience at all levels for his guests, encourages their input, and often follows up to get feedback and determine how he can create an ever more rewarding experience.

“The environment here at The Links is so special because it feels like home – and I think that is what makes the experience so wonderful. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, it feels like coming home.”

-Zach Stokes

A Tradition of Flavor

Inspired by family traditions and an intense love of the land, Zach masterfully expresses the full potential of each ingredient. His instinct for infusing the perfect flavors has earned him carte blanch everywhere he is called to cook, including here at The Links, where we encourage Zach to follow his heart. From preparing holiday dinners with family to serving the finest cuisine, his reputation for skillfully exploring and creating new recipes that ignite the senses precedes him at all levels. He has found his home here at The Links and we invite you to enjoy his dishes in our relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

In his time away from The Links, Zack enjoys a deep sense of satisfaction from fishing and expressing the bounty of the land by growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers on his farm in Indian Camp, WV.

Food is Life.

Our food is prepared on-site with fresh, local ingredients. From our fresh chicken and veal options, homemade soups, real Italian pastas, and other tantalizing side dishes, to our world-famous scalloped potatoes, it is all made lovingly and with care for you.